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goodnight lil ducklings
hey man, super cool stuff!! i was lookin through your blog and saw the ask about figuring out photoshop? i was wondering if that's something you need to be experienced in going into calarts, or is that something they cover/help you out with in class? sorry if this is a dumb question but yeah, i've been trying to figure it out too, and as someone who's used paint tool sai for the longest time i'm like "how do u paint or do anything in this" thank u!!!!

oh hey thanks :3 and nope, I hadn’t opened ps until I went to calarts! I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t either lol (most people have experience in it though). they don’t exactly straight up teach it in a class but you’re working around people who are using it all the time!—which is great because people are cool and will help you out with navigating it and stuff. It’s pretty intuitive for just drawing though. it personally just took me a while to feel comfortable in having my art transfer through digitally but stay loose and have fun with it.

 If you’re applying good luck!! if you got in see ya in the fall!!


babysitting polaroids with lulu
a few weeks old
welp these are old now lol
quick lemon watercolor